All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them.

~ Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Delray Beach Sports Exhibitors


The mission of Delray Beach Sports Exhibitors is to mold the youth of Delray Beach into productive members of the community by engaging them in educational, athletic and volunteer activities. Through mentoring, tutoring, athletic events and community outreach volunteer opportunities, DBS empowers our young people to steer their own futures in a positive direction

DBS has established a firm foothold in the community with consistent involvement through youth development programs in the community and highly anticipated annual events. Please visit our Events page to learn more about up coming events.

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Sports League.

Through Sports League programs we teach our youth to Share, Respect and stand united with their team mates and community members.

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Youth Mentoring.

Our Goal is to Mentor Youth members of our community, nurture, guide and direct them toward growth & prosperity.

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Support Community.

Our mission is to support our community in all times. We want all of us to thrive together and have a better future for us all. We live here too…


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Organized by Delray Beach Sports Exhibitors. Together we can build a better community.