Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

~Bobby Unser

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Why Youth Mentoring ?

In Delray Beach, two-thirds of school age children are living in poverty and receive free or reduced lunch at school. Many of these children come from single parent households. Some are raised by an aunt or grandmother, and some move from house to house several times a year. Many will be the first in their families to attend college or trade school.


Benefits of Youth Mentoring:

  • The mentoring component of Delray Beach Sports Exhibitors plays a vital role in relationship and community building.
  • The coaches and mentors take their roles seriously because they recognize that they are father figures for many of the kids.
  • They also believe strongly in maintaining consistency and positivity in the kids’ lives because so many of them are missing that piece.
  • The coaches and mentors are so involved with the families that they will even visit home at a parent’s request!

DBS Youth Mentoring Programs includes:

Sports Talent Development

Delray basketball league

Academic Development

Youth Members of DBS

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