Education is equal to Strength

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Douglas Parker with School Students

Delray Beach Educational Mentoring

A dedicated educational mentoring by DBS has help increase; high school graduation rates, stronger relationships with parents, teachers, peers and most important decreased likelihood of initiating drug and alcohol use.


Delray Beach Sports Exhibitors offers academic support through:

    • Homework help and tutoring to support youth in achieving their academic potential
    • Report card monitoring to encourage the children to reach their goals and to emphasize the importance of good grades
    • SAT and ACT preparation to help high school students achieve their dreams of college
    • Chess Club to instill self-discipline, patience, and strategic thinking skills
    • Partnering with Delray Beach Roots Cultural Committee to assist with facilitation and implementation of the Academic Olympics (educational contests/ trivia: essay, math, spelling bee and oratorical)


A Big Thank You…

We appreciate the support of the Milagro Center and Achievement Center! Both organizations provided 25 scholarships for youth participating in the summer programs. All scholarships have been awarded for summer 2015, but check back next year for more opportunities!

DBS Youth Mentoring Programs includes:

Sports Talent Development

Delray basketball league

Academic Development

Youth Members of DBS

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